Lakeside Virtual Challenge

With a last-minute flurry of activity in the Southampton Outdoor Sports Centre Virtual Challenge, we've decided to extend the deadline until the end of this weekend. The courses will remain open beyond then but we'll name the winners of the challenge at that point.

It is, however, time to announce the next challenge and the venue moves to the permanent course at Lakeside Country Park where there are four courses on offer: trail, easy, improver, or plan your own route around all of the controls (not as daunting as it sounds given the size of the area).

Otherwise, the format stays the same. You can obtain a free map from Britsh Orienteering. If you have a mobile phone, you can use the free MapRunF app to track your run (select the course under UK > Southampton > Permanent Courses > Lakeside Country Park) or, if you have a GPS watch, you can upload your track on the MapRun website. Alternatively, record your time and the codes at each control and submit them via email to webmaster [at]

As always, please be courteous to other users of the area and, in particular, keep your distance when passing other people, even if this means having to wait. You can take part any time you like between now and the end of Sunday 19th July. And if you fancy doing something else while you're there, you can always try out the 45 minute MapRun score event around Eastleigh from nearby Fleming Park. Let the competition begin!

2020 AGM

The SOC 2020 AGM will be held on Thursday, July 23rd at 7.30pm using Zoom. More information will be given on this nearer the time.

Any proposed amendments to the Constitution must be received by the secretary in writing by July 2nd, 2020, so that they can be circulated to the members by the 9th.  

Questions will be taken under AOB but prior notice would be appreciated.

Attached is the Agenda for the AGM.  The 2019 Accounts and the Minutes of the .2019 AGM can be found in the Members area of the website.

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SCOA News - June 2020



The South Central Orienteering Association represents the orienteering clubs in the south of England which mainly cover Hampshire, southern Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, South Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and the Isle of Wight.

The SCOA AGM and a committee meeting were held on-line last Thursday attended by Peter Hart, British Orienteering’s Chief Executive. The key elements were:-

The Return of Orienteering – British Orienteering is hoping to receive guidance any day now which will allow our sport to recommence, albeit under very restricted terms, which is likely to include a limit on those taking part, perhaps between 20-30 competitors, with pre-entry, pre-payment and following social distancing rules. This will apply to training and coaching too. Some summer tours such as Lagganlia have been cancelled, while others may still go ahead if circumstances allow. The Junior Inter Regional Championships  were to be hosted by SCOA in September have been cancelled, while the organisers of the Youth Camp in the New Forest during the weekend of the November Classic are still hopeful that the event will go ahead.

Level A Controllers – There are a lack of level A controllers and those with level B accreditation are encouraged to move up a grade.

SCOA Officials – Eric Harper, Chair; Fiona Clough, Secretary and Richard Sharp, Fixtures; continue in post and Jon Stead takes over as Treasurer from Peter Entwistle.

Event Safety – These courses have been delivered face to face prior to lock down, but an online version is currently being trialled and should be available during the next few weeks.

JK2020 Surplus – There has been much discussion as to what good use the surplus from last year’s JK can be put. Given the current pandemic and the potential additional costs which may arise, a decision has been deferred until September. A suggestion has been proposed to subsidise coaching courses, while there remains interest in investing in grass roots development.

The on-line meeting was such a success, that most future meetings will now be conducted on-line, even after lock down, saving member’s time, fuel costs and meeting room hire costs

Ian Moran