Anderwood Results

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Note that RouteGadget had to be updated due to badly formatted results. Apologies if you had already added your route and it has been lost.

I hope everyone enjoyed what may prove to be their first and last opportunity to orienteer in November. The weather was certainly kinder to us than the forecast had led me to believe it would be. My thanks go to Colin for handling permissions and providing initial input on the area, and to Colin, Christine, and the anonymous team from WSX, for control hanging and collecting.

My apologies go to those who ran the blue course in the morning and wasted time looking for #12.  Given a short timeline, the courses were armchair planned with only a single visit to the area to check and tape control sites. Short of alternative control sites, I had convinced myself that the vegetation no longer reflected the map but the control was correctly placed relative to the approach from the east. As those who approached from the south discovered, I had failed to penetrate the green far enough and the control was relocated some 25m further west for the afternoon.

Local Events

First, a huge thank you to Mary Nixon and David Currie for putting on the event at Anderwood yesterday. It was great to see friends and get into the forest ahead of the new lockdown. It was the date planned for the November Classic and the forest was looking at its best.

We have another local event planned for this coming Sunday at Farley Mount. Clearly there is every chance we will have to postpone but I'm going to wait for guidance from British Orienteering. If we do postpone we will aim to carry forward the whole event, including entries, though there will of course be the option of money back either immediately or when the new date is known.

Anderwood - this Sunday

There are currently a few slots left for the afternoon (Wessex) session this Sunday. SOC members are welcome to take these. You can enter as SOC and will need to use the pass code which is in the members area. Entries close at midnight today.