Wessex Night League Southampton results

Firstly thanks to all that came. A great turnout. Hope you all enjoyed your run and for those of you on a first visit to this part of Southampton were surprised and challenged by the variety and the tricky little areas, especially around the old city walls. Also a great pub and good food. Now the apology - sorry that control 117 was misplaced. Anyone who went to the correct fenced enclosure and haven't got that control included in their results please email me colin.soc.hicks(at)gmail.com.

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Also I received some good comments on using a percentage magenta screen instead of the spec. olive green for settlement private areas. If anyone has any thoughts on this, particularly for night event urban maps, please email me as above. My intention is to put this up for discussion with the BO Map Group.

Had to rush off afterwards, but thanks, for an entertaining outing - medieval walls, towers etc. make a change from the usual suburban estates.

Call up for British Orienteering Championship Relays!

This is an invitation to all club members who’d like to take part in the British Orienteering Championships Relays 2022, on Sunday 27th March on Iron Hill & Parkgate Rough, Hampshire.

If you’ve never taken part in an orienteering relay….they are good fun, exciting to watch and generate great team spirit amongst club members. There are 18 classes on offer for teams of three, including the option of ‘mixed ad-hoc’ teams.

This year the Club has agreed to pay 100% of the relay fees.

Expression of interest to Lisa (lisajames [at] nhs.net) please ASAP (even if you are undecided) by 28th February, and let me know if you have a clear preference for which leg you would like to run (or avoid). Please include the following information:

  • Name
  • British Orienteering Number
  • Age Class
  • SPORTident Number
  • Leg Preference – please state

More information about Relays and BOC can be found at https://www.theboc.org.uk/page/479.

Compass Sport Trophy Heats on 13th March in Rushall Woods, Berkshire

The next Compass Sport Trophy heats are just a short hop up the road in Rushall Woods, Berkshire.

The Compass Sport competition is an annual competition which encourages all clubs to send out a team of orienteers to compete against other clubs in the region. There are all kinds of colour courses on offer from Orange for Juniors to Brown for the Open Men category. 

As long as you are happy to manage a course at a Green standard or Orange for Juniors we would like to invite you to take part in this event. Your entry fee will be paid by the club. For those who are not ready for a Green course there are Light Green, Yellow and White courses available but the entry for these need to be paid by the individual as they are not part of the inter club competition.

Several SOC members have already signed up. Please if you would like to take part, send me you details by 20th February at the latest. The details I need are:

1. Your name.

2. Your BO number.

3. Your EMIT number if you have one. If not, we can hire one for you.

4.Your age class.

Please also let me know if you have a start time preference.

To sign up or for further details, please contact me on helenamandaaa [at] gmail.com.