SOCK 168 Published

Kevin has now emailed/posted the latest version of SOCK to all SOC members. These are also all archived on the website, see for the current years newsletters.

SOCKs back to 2003 are also available to view online.

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November Classic - useful information.

November Classic – Useful details – Final details will appear about a week before the event.

Distance to Start from Event Centre and car park - 1.5km of flat easy walking over an exposed plain, crossing a country road after 1km.  Please take care.

Clothing Dump – will be situated just past the road crossing about 400m from the start (100m from the finish).  Please put your clothing in a bag and leave in the appropriate section.

Control Descriptions – will be printed on the map and loose copies will be available at pre-start.

Start Lists – will be available on Tuesday, 27th October on both the SOC and EMIT UK websites.

Start – Start times are between 9.30am and 1pm.

It is a punching start.  Should you miss your start time you will be started at the first available and appropriate time at the discretion of the starter.  We expect some courses to be very busy so you may have to wait a considerable time.

Toilets – In the main assembly area, there are no toilets at the start.

Map Scale – Black and Brown – 1:15000

                     Short Brown and shorter – 1:10000

Entry on the day courses – White and Long Orange courses are available for entry on the day.  These use the main start and finish.  The cost is £6 for adults (plus £1 emit hire if required) and £3.50 for juniors (no charge for emit hire).

String Course – Registration and start will be within 200m of the main assembly in an area of the camp site signposted as the ‘Glades’.

First Aid – will be covered by the Sarum First Aid team

Traders – Ultrasport and Compass Point will be in attendance along with the Red Baron catering van.

 Dogs-  Well behaved dogs welcome but not on courses. Please be aware that you will encounter New Forest livestock including ponies, cattle and pigs.