Compass Sport Trophy at Tankersley Wood near Sheffield.

Congratulations to all SOC members who made the long journey up to Tankersley to compete in the Compass Sport Trophy. I had hoped to do a detailed write-up but was prevented from doing so by last minute positive Covid test result!

Would competitors like to add their memories of the event in the comment section below? It would be great to hear people’s impressions of the day.





I have never run on Tankersley before, but heard it was a challenging area, which it certainly was, but more runnable than I was expecting. The terrain was complex with many earth features so careful navigation was essential. Good navigators who were able to maintain a fast pace over complex terrain did well. Course had plenty of controls, 33 on the short brown, which was quite appropriate and made good use of all corners of this relatively small area.

We had a small turnout of club members, so had little chance of winning; had we had a full team, well you never know….

Thanks to Helen for organising us and to Julian for arranging the pre-race dinner the night before.



I'm sure I'd run on the other part of Tankersley, but not the bit I was on last Sunday. Not that I had any memory of it whatsoever. I was standing near the start trying to work out where I was, and realised that all my clever homework had come to nothing, as north wasn't where I expected it to be! That may have helped as I had to concetrate on what was actually in front of me, not what I might have thought...

As it was, I don't think I could have gone much faster - glad I took my walking pole, like so many others asking their partners as we left the car park :) I dithered here and there, but no major mistakes, save possibly not reading the map between the last but one and last control, and failing to realise there were steps I could have taken!

All in all, I think we turned in some good results, and well done everyone who made the journey up north - especially if you had to endure the traffic problems I encountered!

I have half a group photo if you'd like it for the archives (most of the early finishers had left). I see I can add it to the comments, but maybe not everyone likes that, so tell me if you'd like it removed!

SOC members at CST Tankersley