An orienteering puzzle for anyone in self-isolation (or just wanting some mental exercise)

If anyone is unfortunate enough to find themselves in self-isolation, or simply wants some mental exercise and/or distraction in the current situation, I thought I'd share this little orienteering logic puzzle: "O-Mishaps Galore!".

I wrote it for the old SOCK newsletter a few years ago, but that was about the time we stopped having SOCKs, so I don't think you'll have seen it. Apologies if you have.

It should only take a few minutes, especially if you're familiar with this type of puzzle. You should know if you've worked it out correctly, as things won't otherwise make sense, but I've also attached the answers in case you need them. Enjoy!

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O-Mishaps Galore!.docx 18.68 KB
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Seemed impossible at first but then it slowly dawned on me how it could be done!

Thanks, Helen