MapRun Summer Series

After the success of our MapRun League in April and May, we are currently planning an informal MapRun Summer Series. The first MapRun will be in Hythe available from the 10th July to the 25th July. We lots more new areas and a number of new planners. Our first MapRun is planned by Robbie Berryman. There will be more details to follow later in the week.

All of the MapRuns will run for 2 weeks (giving people a bit longer to do them with holidays etc). On one of the two Thursdays in each MapRun period, we will promote a social linked to that MapRun. 

If you took part in the MapRun League, you will know how good it is to get out orienteering regularly and to see some familiar faces at the socials. If you haven't given MapRun a try, now is the time to do it! 

Thanks, Rob. I really enjoyed the spring series and now can look forward to more!

Can anyone teach me how to do a course then I will do one!