Inter Club competition - Run for SOC


Orienteering is mostly seen as an individual sport and there are very few opportunities for members to 'run for their club' - Compass Sport Cup and occasional relays - and yet many members like the idea of representing or running for their club. However the SCOA league has recently introduced an inter-club competition, so now there are more local opportunities to do just that  - run for your club. There are 8 colour courses/classes to choose from at each event, from White to Brown. The scoring has been devised to encourage participation: the more club members that complete a course, the higher the points awarded to everyone. You can find the rules here

There are 7 SCOA league events over the next few months, all but one within an hour's drive or closer, and all on good areas. For those further away, why not share transport with other club members!

Bucklebury, the first one, will be on an excellent area used by the longest courses at this year's JK, just east of Newbury. Fritham is on our doorstep. Sidbury is just north of Tidworth, NW of Andover. Wendover is the farthest, on the Chiltern hills near Aylesbury (about 100 miles), but a really good area and well worth the journey. Pamber is a little north of Basingstoke. The WIM event in Feb 2020 is back in the New Forest, so very close to home.

So let's see if we can have a really good turnout of SOC members at the SCOA League events this season.

SCOA League for 2019-20

SCOL1 Bucklebury 06-Oct-2019 BKO

SCOL2 Fritham 12-Oct-2019 SOC

SCOL3 Sidbury Hill (TBC)27-Oct-2019 SARUM

SCOL4 Wendover 10-Nov-2019 TVOC

SCOL5 Pamber Forest 23-Nov-2019 BADO

SCOL6 New Forest 16-Feb-2020 WIM

SCOL7 TBA 19-Apr-2020 TVOC