Results for Solent Summer Series 6 - QECP 06/06/2015

Planner's notes

Thank you all for coming along to the QECP Event, I hope you all enjoyed the courses. 

When planning at QECP there will always be a fair amount of climb and with the many mountain bike routes in the park it is becoming more difficult to put together short courses that avoid too much climb yet steer clear of the main cycle routes.

I planned the yellow with a few controls not just on path/ track junctions and the orange course with some options to try the direct route cutting the odd corner for those brave enough or experienced enough to try.

I apologise for control 7 on the Light Green, the map is not quite right in that area and I should have avoided it. I hope it did not spoil your runs. On the rest of the course I hope there were some route choices to be made and that made you think a little.

I would just like to thank Pete for looking after the organising and to thank  the team of helpers who made it all happen.

Kevin, Planner

Organiser's notes

With a turnout of more than 70 the event was another success in our 2015 Solent Summer Series. A big thank you to the helpers who gave up their time to put on the event. And a big thank you to the weather gods who threatened rain but held off. A good job as we had a tent but no poles!

Apologies to the family who turned up at one o'clock to use the barbecue stand right in the middle of registration and thanks to Colin and Jamie for creating the mobile registration table for the last few downloads!

Results and splits below. It will be Tuesday or Wednesday before I get around to updating the league tables.


Pete, Organiser

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I was reasonably pleased with my 4 times up the hill at QECP, putting out controls, checking controls and getting controls back in, but the other half of the family cycled to and from the event a total of 76kms, with 800m of climb in 3.5hrs, and still came 5th on the light green. Well done Jamie (proud Dad)