November Classic entries open

The 2009 November Classic will be held at Bentley and Fritham on Sunday 1 November. Further information on the event can be found here. Online entries are now open via nTrees.

Call for Helpers at Dibden

SOC are holding a colour coded (formerly District) event at Dibden & Marchwood on 6th September 2009. See SOC website for details.

If you intend coming along and can help with the various jobs that need doing to ensure the smooth running of this event please let me know, preferably by email.

Small teams are required for the following:

  • Car Parking - very easy for this event with a big flat well draining parking area.
  • Registration / Entry fee collection
  • Emit card issue / Download
  • Start
  • Finish - a few people to help new comers and answer any queries they may have.
  • String course - I need a couple of people to help David and Christine Curry who have kindly volunteered to run the string course.

We also intend to run 2 short introductory sessions for new comers at 10.00 & 11.00. If you are a coach who can help with these please let me know.

Please also let me know if you will be available to help with control collection when courses close.

Please indicate which (if any) team you would prefer to help with, whether you wish to run early or late or if you need split starts. I'll do my best to put you where you prefer but cannot guarantee anything at the moment.

Thanks in anticipation for your support,

Simon Bevan

simon.bevan [at] [at] ( )07881502237 Mobile


Shawford Down Results

Planners / Organisers Comments

 We finally made it – after last minute problems with maps, OCAD formats and stroppy officials.

There were over 50 individuals and teams from 11 different ‘O’ clubs, including 14 non-affiliated or ‘rediscovering’ Orienteers. The event was designed primarily for new and improving competitors, and the constraints of such a small area and a large scale map limited the technical difficulty of the courses.

The score event course was only an afterthought for the experienced orienteers who may have needed more than a light green.

However, if you thought that you had turned into the Usain Bolts of Orienteering with your times it is because I had calculated the course distances on a setting of 1;10000, and of course, (or Off course in my case) the map was 1;5000. So distances were only half what you thought you had run. Doh!

The important thing is that everyone appeared to have Fun. There were lots of nice comments afterwards with many newcomers even having a go at a harder second course.

I hope I read everyone’s names and details correctly for the results – if not 1000 apologies – and the results are by start time rather than by finishing time as everyone (I’m sure) did their very best.

Thanks to those who helped, or offered but were not needed this time!

See you all again soon, Kieran Devine (and Jillian and Clare). 

Results in XLS format viewer below (Free viewer available here:


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