Summer Series 2015 League

The league is now complete and the final places have been calculated.

The Open League:

  • 1st Kevin Bracher
  • 2nd Mike Frizzell
  • 3rd Robert Sweatman

The Junior League

  • 1st Archie Southwick
  • =2nd Ollie Wells
  • =2nd Jack Holden


The 2015 Solent Summer Series consists of nine events. Each event has Yellow, Orange and Light Green courses. We will run two competitive leagues for individuals, the Open League on the Light Green courses and the Junior League on the Orange and Yellow courses. The Junior League is for competitors in age classes M/W16 and below.

The results will be adjusted by age class adjustment factors listed in the attached document. For the Open League the first placed runner will receive 60 points, the second place 59, and so on down to 1 point for the 60th placed runner. For the Junior League the points for first place on the Orange course will be 40, on the Yellow course it will be 30.

A runner’s best four scores for the nine events will count towards their league position.