MapRun League

We are halfway through week 3 of our MapRun League. The League is designed to give us regular opportunities to go orienteering (in particular when permission to use our areas is difficult to come by). 

The top 10 results are below with full results here. Well done to Nick Jarvis for his two wins from two and to Karen French for being the top female (also consistent with two top 10 places). 38 different people have taken part so far and we're averaging 30 people per week. 

Name Total 1 2
Nick Jarvis 100 50🥇 50🥇
David Currie 98 49🥈 49🥈
Eoghan Wiles 95 48🥉 47
Robert Finch 95 47 48🥉
Andy Snell 92 46 46
Robbie Berryman 90 45 45
David Henderson 84 42 42
Karen French 82 41 41
John Horton 81 38 43
Marcus White 79 40 39

All to play for with our Lordswood event at the moment. Hopefully, this means lots of you will be out Thursday for a social O evening (start sometime between 6 and 7pm). Or remember you have until Sunday evening to score! 

The more events you do, the better chance of a good result there is! And the more fun you'll have! 

If you haven't yet given MapRun a go, more info is available here.