KYC: David Currie

Never let it be said that I'll ask others to do something I wouldn't do myself so the second edition of "Know your Clubmate" turns to your Treasurer and Webmaster.


David (or Dave, I really don't mind which) Currie

Age Class

Last year at M40!

What other orienteering clubs do you belong to or have you previously belonged to?

I started out in Happy Herts, was lucky enough to go to a university with an active club (Oxford - where Christine and I met) and I now belong to Jesus Orienteering Klubb (the name is a long story but it's for OUOC alumni). Also joined Heming/Njård during a 6-month stay in Oslo.

When did you start orienteering and how?

Around the age of 8: my cub leader was an enthusiastic orienteer and would take us to events. My Dad went to help with the driving and was soon hooked. I have the South East Junior Squad to thank for keeping me going through my teenage years and, in particular, the Marsdens for encouraging me into coaching. 

How often do you go orienteering?

Not as often as we used to - mostly because we're not prepared to travel as far to events as we might once have done.

What do you enjoy about orienteering?

I enjoy visiting new places, running in the great outdoors, and that feeling when, after a long leg, the control appears exactly where you expected it to be.

What is your favourite SOC area and why?

Perhaps not our very best area but I have a soft spot for Fritham. Running there regularly on a Tuesday evening, it's somewhere I know like the back of my hand.

What is your favourite orienteering discipline/distance and why?

Classic, long-distance courses are still my favourite. I prefer more running and less finding (or not finding!) controls.

Car parking or controlling? What's your favourite orienteering volunteering?

I love the challenge of getting the most out of an area as planner although, as Christine will attest, I can spend hours doing so! There's also nothing quite like standing at the finish hearing from satisfied customers. Although lapsed now, I also enjoyed the coaching we used to do with the South Central Junior Squad and British Orienteering junior tours.

What is the high point of your orienteering career so far?

Appearing on the cover of CompassSport (although I'd have chosen a different outfit/pose if I'd known).

What other countries have you orienteered in?

USA, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Ireland, France, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic and probably somewhere else I've forgotten!

What training do you do?

Nothing orienteering specific but a reasonable amount of off-road running. As injuries tend to linger longer these days, I try to vary things a bit more with some swimming, cycling and strength training.

What one piece of advice would you give other orienteers?

Remember to adapt your orienteering technique to the area. Orienteering in the New Forest is a very different prospect from, say, the Lake District. Oh, and don't run faster than you can navigate!

What keeps you busy when you're not orienteering?

Family, running, and work occupy most of my remaining time. After twenty years of working as a software engineer for IBM, I recently exchanged my two-mile commute to work from home for a much smaller company.

What book are you currently reading?

I've just finished Margaret Attwood's Testaments having had to go back and read the Handmaid's Tale again first. I am by far the slowest reader in the house so my books tend to come by recommendation from others in the family.

Anything else you'd like to share with your clubmates?

To reiterate Julian's words: this is your club, let us know what you want from it!