Leap up to help SOC on 29th Feb!

Coming up on Saturday 29th February is our Middle Distance Level D event at Mark Ash Woods in the New Forest.  Colin Hicks has planned some excellent courses to help sharpen skills required for fast, accurate orienteering over shorter distances.

We need volunteers please for the usual range of jobs (assembly, registration, first aid, control hanging etc.) so please let me know if you are interested in helping and whether you have a preferred job, and / or preference for helping early / running late or vice versa.

…and don’t forget….it’s half price entry fee for helpers!


Lisa lisajames(at)nhs.net


I’m happy to help on any job except car parking. Regards Steve Pullen

steve.pullen [at] me.com

I can help. I prefer to run first, before I get cold. I wouldn’t trust me to put controls out in the right places but happy to do other jobs as long as I get instructions!

natalie Morant