Results for West Wood

Hope you all enjoyed the lovely sunny West Wood today. The results are now available.

We would like to apologise for the mixed up control numbers on the Yellow course where it seems the computers did not quite do as expected and hope this did not spoil the course for you.

Planner Colin Hicks: Westwood on a beautiful day. It's just about the latest time we can use the area before the brambles completely take over in the wooded areas. I hope you enjoyed the challenge of the odds and evens format for the hour score, for which the area is particularly suited. A straight 40-minute score works well too. As for the yellow course apologies as something was lost in translation! The control descriptions were text on the proof in the correct order but something went wrong in the pdf conversion for printing and they turned out as pictoral format with random control numbers but with the correct symbols for each control! Am trying to work out how that could happen, in order to avoid it again! As we only need a few yellow maps they were not printed by BML and no time was allowed for checking! We learn all the time. Thanks to Kevin and the organising team and the volunteers who helped to put out and take in the controls.   

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