Farley Mount Closed Event

Results by Class can be found below as an Attachment.

For those interested in earning a Colour Badge, the Colour Standards are:
Blue               01:02:33   Top 50% of starters
Light Green   00:47:42    Winner's time plus 50%
Orange          00:57:57    Winner's time plus 50%

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Planner's Comments

Day long sunshine, clear blue skies

Farley Mount's a real surprise!

It was nice to be back on Farley Mount again after a few years away. This event was a long time coming but I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the area in every season except Spring.Thanks to the team of Julian, Terry, Colin and Mark for the organising, mapping advice, permissions and mapping. Thanks also to the large team of surveyors who helped update the map . A special thank you to my mentor, Kevin Bracher, and his help squeezing a blue course into quite a small area.

Please see Instagram for lots of photos of fit SOC orienteers. Judging by the broad smiles, you enjoyed yourselves.

Happy Christmas


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Thank you Julian, Helen and all helpers. That was a great little event and the sun shone as an added bonus. I really enjoyed the course. Thanks and Merry Christmas all.

Thoroughly enjoyable event. Had a great run following a future champion (?) around the first few controls but then Duncan disappeared into the distance. 

I've had some very useful feedback about the map from David Currie - including the placement of the E/W path which control #10 was on for the Blue course.

I would welcome any further feedback on accuracy or style so that we can improve the map for future events.

Please feel free to send me any comments at M.L2(at)ntlworld.com