Big Entry for 37th CompassSport Cup Final

5 days 9 hours ago
The CompassSport Cup Final on Sunday 17 October 2021, hosted by South Yorkshire Orienteers (SYO), at Hesley and Tankersley, Sheffield, has attracted over 800 entries from 24 clubs, 10 in the Cup and 14 in the Trophy competition. Moravian Orienteers are the furthest competing teams making an 850-mile...

UK Orienteering League Races 2021 Update

1 week 5 days ago
The last few weeks have seen the successful hosting of four further top-quality UK Orienteering League races, as part of the Caddihoe Chase weekend in Hampshire, closely followed by the British Champs weekend in Devon.  In total 10 of the UK Orienteering League (UKOL) races in the 2021 season have t...

Edinburgh University Elite Athlete Admissions for 2022

2 weeks ago
EUOC BUCS Champions 2019 The Performance Orienteering Programme at the University offers professional coaching, strength & conditioning, physiotherapy, sport psychology and performance lifestyle support, weekly training sessions and international training camps in a high performance orienteeri...

Leadership Opportunities at the IOF

2 weeks 3 days ago
As previously announced in June of this year, IOF Secretary General/Chief Executive Officer Tom Hollowell, will retire from the position. In the first round of applications which ended July 31, no qualified candidates were identified. Over the past years the operations of the IOF have grown and the ...


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