SOCSAT League Results after 3 Events now available

Click on the SOC Saturday Series banner above to find league table results. Don't worry if you have done different courses, we can give you an accumulated score at the end of the league.

Fleming Park SOCSAT Thanks

I would like to add my congratulations to all the exceedingly brave families, Beaver groups and individual who turned up to run in the icy winds of Storm Arwen on Saturday. 

Thanks also to the very talented Kieran Devine who produced some excellent courses for us and  to Colin Holcombe who checked all the courses.

The hobbit in his little cave aka Mark Light in his very small tent deserves a special mention for doing such a great job on computing and results.

Finally thank you again to the large band of SOC helper heroes  who helped to make sure that the day went off well and everyone went home happy and invigorated. Thank you Barry, Julian, Steve, Rachel, Lou, Di, Terry Smith, Tim, Alastair, Terry Sankey and last but not least the vivacious Vicki!