Results for Bramshaw Woods Level D

Organiser's comments

Well done to everyone who completed a course today on Bramshaw Woods. Despite the heat there were some extremely fast times. If you were unfortunate enough not to finish-take heart that you were not alone. We may well be back again sometime in the future so there will surely be the occasion to conquer this challenging area.

Many thanks to all those SOC members who helped make the day a success. Our wonderful planner, Lisa James, Terry Smith, who managed the computing and produced the results in record time, Bernie Newitt, my very helpful assistant organiser plus the large band of SOC helpers: Barry Sowerbutts, David, Christine, Emma and Duncan Currie, Vicky Barkaway, Julia Loring, Norman Wilson, Stephen Sutch, Matthew Chessum, Iain Robinson, Ian Moran, Rachel Robertson, Terry Sankey, Kevin Bracher and from BAOC, Colin Holcombe. Apologies if I have forgotten anyone.

Freda Peirce lost her BO buff, a recent podium prize so if anyone recalls seeing it somewhere in the forest and could give some indication of which control that might have been near, do let me know. Thank you.

Helen Wheelwright

Planner's Comments

Thank you for coming along to our Level D event in Bramshaw Woods; one of the more technical areas of the New Forest.  

Courses were planned to make the most of the area and test navigational techniques and skills. Unfortunately, the intricate path network on the northern part of the did not allow for a White course, but did provide a suitable challange for those on Yellow and Orange.  Thanks for all the compliments and constructive feedback (including suggested map updates).

Apologies to those affected by the slight misplacement of control 105, I hope that didn't detract from your enjoyment.  

Thanks to all who helped make the event happen today.  I would particularly like to thank Julian for his guidance and support with my planning, the 'Forest Teams' some who had very early starts to help hang controls, and others who collected controls (post run) in the blazing afternoon sunshine.  

Lisa James

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