WNL9 - Farley Mount Country Park Results

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who made it to the event last night despite hold-ups on the roads due to accidents.  It was a lovely evening for a run around the forest in the dark! 

In hindsight, I think that I could have situated the start and finish a little better to have opened up route options, but I was trying to keep them close to the car-park with it being at night.  There were also a couple of controls sites which were perhaps a little mean for a night event...

I would like to thank in particular Terry Sankey for his assistance in organising the event and making it happen, and to both Moira and Lou for their support.  I also really appreciated Alastair, Tim, Bob, and Colin staying on after the event to help with control collection.  Many hands make light work!


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Well done Mark on planning an excellent event and your continued work on the map. Tim you need to claim your 50% SOC helper discount.

I would like to back up Colin's comment by thanking Mark for all the hard work he put in beforehand and on the day. Thanks too to Alastair, Tim, Bob, Colin, Louise and Moira for their help to enable the event to happen.

Apologies to several runners who had problems with their Emit cards not recording as they should and thanks Mark for sorting it out in the results.

Well done to all who attended. The experience of running in the forest in the pitch darkness to the accompaniment of hooting owls must have been quite a contrast to the usual urban night events.