Westwood Woodland Park - Results

The weather was very kind and gave us a warm, sometimes sunny day to enjoy this small area. Norman Wilson planned three interesting courses including an "Odds and Evens" score. A few runners on that course made some errors in their sequence of controls and that mixed up the results quite nicely! Congratulations to James Crickmore and Mike Frizzell who both scored maximum points. They took the controls in slightly different order proving that this format on a small area can still provide a good bit of choice for the top runners. It was also great to welcome some newcomers to the sport and we hope they enjoyed their run and will be back for more!

Helen Wheelwright provided some coaching for youngsters with a cone exercise that was enjoyed by all those who took part.

Thanks to Norman for planning and Julia for her assistance before and on the day. Thanks also to all the helpers: Andy Nash and Rob Finch for control hanging; Mary and David Nixon for running the start; and Robbie Berryman and Mark Light for control collection.

A special thank you to Weston Shore Infants School for allowing us to use the school grounds. 

The results are on Race Results: race-results.info/live/2093/

Pete Davis