SOC SCOA League Event

Thank you for coming and I hope you all enjoyed the event despite the rather
inclement weather and the muddy conditions! Our apologies to those
competitors who had to wait for recycled maps or indeed had to run on a
different course. A big thank you to those competitors who handed in their
maps so that others could have their run; please let us know if you would
like to be sent a replacement map email: fixtures [at] with name address and course. 

The event is now on Route Gadget here:

Lost Property - 2 Compasses 

The results are now final.

We will put the event onto Route Gadget, later in the week.

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The result on Brown for E-card 00200 is me - Paul Fox, M50, SN. My e-card has apparently reverted to a factory default identity and forgotten its real number (172413).

Thank you to all the officials and helpers on what was a cold and damp day.

Regards, Paul Fox

Can you correct my age group to M70 (would be nice to be M35 again)



I have just (2300, 20.1.16) tried to add my route to the Green course on Routegadget, and I find that the control circles are not quite in the right locations.  The difference is not huge - around half the diameter of the control circle, but that is enough to mean that Routegadget's control circle centre is not right on the relevant feature.  I cannot check other courses, but the start and finish appear to be slightly off for other courses too.  I hope this can be adjusted easily.

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Sorry about the mis-alignment, stragely it seems ok on some controls and off on others.  I can't see a way to correct it without deleting the event and starting again.

If you click on the centre of the displayed control circle, the Route Gadget will step on to the next leg.