Kings Garn Gutter Results

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Planners Comments

Kings Garn Gutter Inclosure and Castle Malwood are a superb area to have had the privilege to plan on.  There were probably only a few of you that saw the deer and other fleeting wild life that I saw on every visit to the area.

The more I worked with Roger’s map, the more I was impressed by the detail.

If any of you had difficulty finding any control site, I suspect it was not as difficult as finding some of the control sites without a flag.  I have noted that orienteers like to compare times; not only for runners on the same course, but also for common legs across different courses.  So the courses were planned with a variety of leg-sharing.  I hope you enjoy comparing times and route choice nearly as much as running your course.

I would like to thank: Roger for his unplanned mapping work, due to an area of recent felling, Bill for acting as mentor, as this was my first time planning at Level C event, Ian Sayer for his advice as controller and the forest team for their help on the day and before.


Organiser’s comments.

Thank you to everybody who braved the windy conditions and turned up to run on Peter’s courses.  Thankfully the weather was a lot better than the forecasts earlier in the week!

Apologies if you had to queue for registration. Luckily it wasn’t too cold and we will certainly be addressing this matter at future level C events.  

Many thanks to the competitor who notified us that there was a runner in the forest in urgent need of first aid attention, because of this our first aider got to him very quickly and he was soon in Southampton General.

Thanks to Ian Sayer for his helpful contribution as controller, and to all the volunteers who hopefully gave you an enjoyable day.

Barbara Davidson.

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