Results for Hincheslea 12 Sep 2015

Planner's comments: 

Thank you all for coming along to Hincheslea. I hope you all enjoyed the courses. 

For only my second attempt at planning this was quite an interesting area to plan on with several complications including the threat of deer rutting and a 4 year old map in need of some updates. I also had difficulty keeping the Green and Blue courses short enough (my initial draft for the Green course turned out to be 7.8km!) and ensuring the junior courses could have an interesting route whilst staying largely to line features. 

However, I really enjoyed planning for this event and would definitely like to have another go in the future. The feedback I got at the event was brilliant so thank you very much! 

A big thank you to all the helpers but especially to Colin and Lisa for helping put out controls in the morning and to Kevin, Lucy and Graham for helping collect them in after the event! 



Organiser's comments:

93 of you came along to enjoy the courses at Hincheslea and the beautiful weather! 

It all seems to have passed without incident (other than one missing control!) and I don't recall hearing any significant grumble that wasn't navigation induced so it's another SOC success!

We also had some international visitors - a Swedish family holidaying along the south coast who all did very well on their respective runs, enjoyed the courses and informed us that the terrain was reasonably similar to that of next years O-Ringen (although instead of ponies, they get reindeer..)! 

Many thanks to all the helpers for your assistance in putting out / collecting controls, erecting and striking the tent, handling entries and download, manning the start and road crossing and signing the long way back from the finish!

It was not the simplest of level D events to put on and I am very grateful to you all for making it work so well.


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