Solent Series 9 at Royal Victoria Country Park

These are now final results.

Control 9 has now been excluded on the Light Green.

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A big thank you to all the helpers at the event. It was busy in the park with lots of activities going on but it seemed like everyone enjoyed themselves.

After orienteering since I was old enough to be carried around the woods, it seemed about time I turned my hand to planning. RVCP is an area I know well and with a nice mixture of open runnable parts and small but complex woods, so it was the ideal starting point. I tried to make the courses visit the interesting parts of the park such as the boardwalk and the old hospital in the middle of the field. The main challenge for me was avoiding bbq sites and the miniature train (health and safety!) whilst still getting the length and variety in quite a small area. Hopefully I achieved this! A big thank you to everyone who helped out both beforehand and on the day, it couldn't have happened without you. The main thing I am taking from this experience is to make sure all putter-outers have their glasses!! Hope everyone enjoyed this event as much as I did as I'm sure it's not the last you'll see of me as a planner. Clare

This was Clare's first try at planning and she did almost all of it by herself. So I was very disappointed with myself for putting control 9 on the light green course in the wrong place. If I'd taken my o' glasses I would have read the map correctly. Sorry to all. As it was the final league event with runners competing for the last few points it was only fair to void the legs either side of this control (especially as  quite a few competitiors missed it completely.