Results for Summer Series Event at Farley Mount

The results and splits for the Farley Mount event are available from the links above.

Planners Comments:

Thank you for coming to run at Farley Mount. This was the Club's first event on the area for some 10 years. I'd like to thank Nick Bosbury for all his hard work in a short timeframe to resurvey the area and produce a good map. Thank you also to all those who gave up their Light Green maps to help us cope with the much higher than usual turnout. If anyone wants a PDF of the map please let me know (publicity [at] 

Most of you will be aware that we had a last minute (very last minute) change forced on us by HCC. I hope that the course changes did not affect you too much. The most significant issue I think was that the last leg on the Yellow course was more tricky than it should have been.

Thanks to everyone who helped, too many to name - which is a great reflection on the SOC club spirit!

Finally a big thank you to Terry Sankey who did a fantastic job as organiser.

We're looking forward to seeing you all at our next event, Stoke Park Woods on 4th July.

Pete Davis

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