Results for Solent Summer Series 5 - Lakeside Country Park 23/05/2015

Planner's Comments It was great to see so many runners from near and far enjoying both the sunshine and an interesting park which hasn't been used for orienteering for a long while. As a first-time planner, I was grateful for all of your feedback. There were many nice comments and one or two things that I would change next time. Great credit must go to Simon Bevan who shepherded me through the event, amended my courses and was entirely responsible for the lengthy cross-map excursion from controls 13 to 14 on the light green! Marcus White Organiser's Comments Once again our Solent Summer Series has proved to be very popular with more than 60 people enjoying the races. The Series is providing exactly what we aimed for with several new families and newcomers coming along; we are also attracting a good number of regular orienteers. We even managed to get the weather right, a beautiful day if a little hot for serious running! Still lots of smiling faces at the finish which is always good to see! Expanding areas like Lakeside with an added on Urban area gives the planner opportunities to plan interesting courses with a mixture of park and urban orienteering giving the experienced orienteer the challenge of switching from one to the other. Marcus planned some excellent courses that provided a good test for all, Challenging Yellow and Orange courses that stayed in the park yet still had interesting legs. The Light Green had the added Urban area which he used to set some very good legs with some interesting route choices to be made. I really enjoyed my run round and even had time for a breather on the way back when I had to wait for the Train to pass by before running to the last control. I would like to thank all who came along and supported the event and hope you all enjoyed the courses. I would also like to thank Marcus for planning and all the helpers who made the event possible, Pete, Colin, Norman, Julia, Michael, Matthew, Peter, Sally, Lucy, Roderick, Robbie and anyone else I've missed. Lastly thank you to Eastliegh Borough Council for the use of Lakeside and Thank you to Jemma and Ian the Rangers for all their help and support. Kevin Bracher

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