Compass Sport Cup

It was a small team heading to the first round of this year's Compass Sport Cup. SOC were unlucky, with the two closest rounds both over 90 minutes drive away, only the very keenest runners made it out.

Top ten SOC counters were:
Christine 99 (Blue women)
Julian H 95 (Green men)
Ian M 89 (Green men)
Andy N 88 (Short Brown)
Terry S 87 (Short Green)
David C 87 (Brown)
Emma C 86 (Orange women)
Kevin B 84 (Green men)
Pete D 83 (Green men)
Mary N 82 (Short Green)


Last call: Practical Planning Day - Sat 10th March Wilverley Inclosure, nr Burley, New Forest

This day is intended as an informal, interactive and practical session for those relatively new to planning and those just interested in finding out more about what the Planner does and how it can benefit their orienteering.
The session will run from 1000h to 1600h on Sat 10th March at Wilverley Scout Camp with an hour's break for lunch. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided.
The aim is to provide an overview of the technical and practical aspects of course planning, including:


British Orienteering Championships Relay Race: 1 May 2016

The British Orienteering Championships Relay Race will be taking place on Sunday 1 May 2016 in Shropshire. Anyone who would like a run should let me know before *Wednesday 23 March* to give me time to submit the entries. (E-mail christine [at]

If you have a preference for which class you want to compete in, please let me know. I can't guarantee that we'll be able to accommodate all requests but I will do my best.




Lake District JK - SOC Results and Report

Last weekend, the annual Jan Kjellström weekend was held at Lancaster University and the Lake District. The JK is held on the Easter weekend and is usually the largest orienteering event in the UK calendar. This year over 3000 orienteers from 26 countries took part in the 4 days of technical and physically challenging orienteering, including 25 SOC members. Participation, especially of elite orienteers, was boosted this year as the World Orienteering Championships will be held in Scotland in August (alongside the biannual Scottish 6 Days).


World Orienteering Championships 2015 - get involved!

For only the third time in forty years, Britain is hosting the World Orienteering Championships in 2015. A group of us, all currently drawn from TVOC, have been successful in bidding to play a significant and high profile role in this major undertaking near Inverness in Scotland next summer. We will be responsible for staffing the finish zone at all WOC events. We would love to have a few more in our team. This therefore an invitation for anyone else from SCOA to come and join us.


JK 2013 - Thank You

Thank you to all those members where able to help at this years JK. The event was a success and benefited from the expertise and hard work by club members over the four days of competition. 

There is a good argument that a club should only help on one day as opposed to running a task on all fours days as was the case at this years event, but insofar as the download operation is concerned, we do think the continuity resulted in a high quality download and results service.    

Ian & Caroline Moran