Debate: physical vs mental




Thu 3rd Dec 2020



Our next SOC Zoom social will be Thursday 3rd December at 20:00 for a debate on "Mental vs Physical, which is more important for Orienteering?" Same Zoom details as before. It should be a really interesting evening.

Post review:

Our last social was on physical vs mental for orienteering. Two teams argued their side, but ultimately mental was voted the winner (8-4 with some abstainers!) Tamsin Moran showed us tracking of an event and how the technically better orienteers were getting ahead, Rob Finch argued that to be competitive you had to be physically fit (think British M21E courses), Andy Nash gave examples of his better performances when his concentration and motivation were coming together and Ian Moran argued that we do it to get out and get some exercise and if we wanted a mental challenge we would sit at home and do the crossword... Kevin Bracher has also provided a really good summary on the post here: 


Rob Finch