Compass Sport Trophy Final:Update

The Compass Sport Trophy Final was to be held at Chatsworth but the latest news is that the final is now in the hands of Octavian Droobers and likely to be held at Sutton Park, Sutton Coldfield. We will keep you informed!


So much for booking my holiday cottage at Chatsworth. Still - it's not far from Sutton Coldfield....

Zoom Social on Mountain Marathons Thursday 18th Feb 20:00

John will be giving us a talk on his experience competing in Mountain Marathons this Thursday 18th Feb 20:00.

Same meeting details as last time. Accessible on this members page (log in right hand side) here:

It should be a really good evening, especially hearing about the challenges of mountain marathons from the comfort of our homes! For those who don't know, mountain marathons are usually a two day event with a mix of orienteering, fell running and a camp overnight. Orienteering can take us lots of different places and mountain marathons are one area where we can definitely use our skills. If you've done one yourself, bring a map or a tale for the chat after. 

Last social, Helen showed us how to use the Running Wild tool for route choice decision making and practice. Tamsin and I have added a couple more SOC ones for you to have a go at: Bramshaw (using route choices from the course planning competition), Rusland Beeches in the Lakes (technical) and a Southampton urban course. (search for SOC) 


An Invitation for our Juniors to an Online Talk by an Elite Runner on 6 Feb 2021

East Midlands Junior Orienteering Squad have sent SOC Juniors an invitation to an online talk by the current elite runner, Peter Hodgkinson. He will be doing a short 30 min Q&A session, remembering some of the highlights and fun things that happened to him from his junior running in NOC, through to his international experiences in the GB team. It sounds like a really great thing to listen in to!

I will be forwarding the invitation to all SOC juniors in the near future but if you don't receive the mail and are keen to go please mail me at Juniors [at]

If this talk enthuses you to want some more online training, please let me know and I will organise some sessions just for SOC Juniors.

Best Wishes, Helen.