Orienteering Qualifications and Courses

Just a reminder that if you have completed any orienteering qualifications or courses (including online) recently please send details including copies of certificates to info [at] britishorienteering.org.uk (for attention of Liz Goodwin.

Liz will arrange for your British Orienteering record to be updated accordingly.

Julia Loring



QECP - Easter Saturday

Last call for SOC members and their guests to enter by Saturday evening.

After that members of other local clubs will be invited to enter.

Help Us Grow The Club!

Thanks to the funding awarded to us by SCOA, we now have the opportunity to offer free training courses for SOC members who would like to learn to help others. We are hoping to increase the number of Juniors in the club and by taking part in one of these courses you would be taking the first step to seeing the club grow.

The first course on offer is the Introduction to Coaching course which is a short course consisting of 2 x3 hour workshops or 1 x 5 hr workshop in the locality. The course will give you the confidence to start coaching juniors and newcomers to understand the basics of orienteering. Hopefully, it will also be an opportunity to get to know other SOC members and have fun in a relaxed environment. In order to run this course, we would ideally need a minimum of four participants.

If you are interested in doing this course as soon as Covid allows or for further information, please contact juniors [at] socweb.org.

The second course on offer is the Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Orienteering. This course is for those who have helped out with coaching already and are willing to make more of a time commitment to learning coaching techniques that take the junior orienteer past the beginner stage.

The attached document gives further details of the course. If you are interested in applying for this course or would like further details, please contact juniors [at] socweb.org. There is one place on this course on offer. As someone who completed this course, I can vouch for the fact that it is very enjoyable and once you get to the practical coaching stage, there is nothing better than seeing your fellow orienteers learn and improve their orienteering techniques!