Christmas Zoom Social

Our final virtual social of the year is on Thursday on Zoom! The last chance of 2020 to catch up and have some festive orienteering fun.  

17th December 20:00 - Christmas Social on Zoom - wear your Santa hats or festive jumpers and bring a drink of your choice! 

Our last social was on physical vs mental for orienteering. Two teams argued their side, but ultimately mental was voted the winner (8-4 with some abstainers!) Tamsin Moran showed us tracking of an event and how the technically better orienteers were getting ahead, Rob Finch argued that to be competitive you had to be physically fit (think British M21E courses), Andy Nash gave examples of his better performances when his concentration and motivation were coming together and Ian Moran argued that we do it to get out and get some exercise and if we wanted a mental challenge we would sit at home and do the crossword... Kevin Bracher has also provided a really good summary on the post here: 

For 2021, I am planning on continuing the fortnightly Zoom socials (7th and 21st January). The socials will include tips and talks on improving our orienteering and discussions on orienteering topics (and a chance to talk to clubmates!) 

Looking forward to seeing you online! Everyone welcome


Farley Mount - 20th December

There are a few spare slots for the afternoon and these are up for grabs by SOC members. Please enter by Sunday evening (first come first served). The pass code has been removed - let me know if you have any problem.

From Monday morning, any remaining slots will be filled by invitation - so let me know if you have any friends from other clubs who want to come. But don't make any promises - it will only be 2 or 3 spaces at most.

Wessex Night League Tables

First publication for this winter season, due to the disruption caused by the covid pandemic. As a consequence SOC event was cancelled on the 3rd December 2020. It will transfer to Thursday 14th January at Brockenhurst. See SOC event page. The event at Friar's Cliff, Christchurch went well, including the socially distanced meal in the pub afterwards! Becca Ellis (WIM) commented as follows on the event: 
Three things sum up the night league race at Friar’s Cliff for me; it was ridiculously cold, it was great to see orienteering friends again after the lockdown (even if only briefly!), and Ian Sayer planned a fantastic course where the optimum route was not at all obvious resulting in some great competition.  Having been caught out by Alan’s planning at Upton, I was determined not to make the same mistakes again (I managed to run a lot of KMs for relatively few points).  I saw there were quite a number of 10 pointers north of the start clustered together so I decided to turn around and run backwards through the start to complete the course clockwise (and rightly or wrongly it looks like I was the only person who decided to do this).  The terrain was mostly flat so it was fast racing and the longer legs in the south contrasted well with the controls closer together in the north.  I enjoyed the detail of the alleyways and woods at the top of the map and had to really slow down at this point, especially as I ran this part last, to make sure I was making the best choices. Having had a look at the routes others took, there’s a lot of variety in sequence even between those with similar points and distances so I think that indicates some great planning.  Thank you again to Ian and Julie for a really enjoyable event.


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