The November Classic - News Update

With six and a half weeks to go until the November Classic we are still waiting for confirmation of out of bounds areas and until we have those we can't actually say that the event can go ahead. But we do now have permission to hold the event and we have confirmation that Ocknell Campsite can be used for parking and the event centre.

Roger Pleasant is in the process of making final updates to the Slufters, Milkham and Broomy Bottom map and Bill Davidson has taped all the controls.

All this means that once we have confirmation of the OOB, we can quickly open entries and start preparing for the day.

All club members will be aware of how dependent we are on helpers to put on a successful Classic and every year you rise to the challenge and deliver an event that is enjoyed by so many orienteers.

So, please put the date in your diary - Sunday 7th November - and let me know if you have any preference for a job: peterjdavis [at] (subject: Classic%20Help)

Thanks in advance

Pete Davis



MapRun Summer League concludes

The MapRun Summer League came to a conclusion last weekend. With three events to count out of five, Andy Snell was pushed into second place by a late run at Shawford by David Currie. Andy was, however, one of only five out of the 30+ competitors to participate in all of the events with Robbie Berryman, Helen Wheelwright, and Steph and Louise Light being the others. Robbie and Helen also feature in the thanks to our planners, along with Ben Adams, Colin Hicks, and Rachel Robertson. Thank you all for such a varied selection of testing courses. I'll also give a special mention to Mike Le Maistre who, despite being a newcomer to orienteering, finished in sixth place.

With Rob moving onto pastures new, I'd like to take the opportunity to thank him for his helping in putting on these events and arranging the accompanying socials. Although the process is fairly streamlined now, there's still a list of things that need to be done for each event, and being able to share that load has been great. Thanks, Rob!

With forest events kicking off now for the autumn we'll take a break from the format but I'm sure MapRun will return! Do let us know what you think of both MapRun and the league. Offers to help, either with organising the league or planning an event are also particularly welcome! In the meantime, remember that all the past events are still available from the MapRun page on the website.

A big thank you to everyone involved in the MapRun series of events. I thoroughly enjoyed taking part and planning a couple of events. I hope that there will be more similar events in the future.

SOC Saturday 1

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Organiser's Comments

It was great to see so many new faces today at our first SOC Saturday event. There were some really impressive results from some newcomers. Hope to see you at SOC Saturday 2 on 23 October, where there will be coaches on hand to help you progress. Don't forget this is a league event so your best five results count.