Lakeside Country Park

Grid Reference


Maps available from

You can download a map and instructions from British Orienteering.

The Courses

There are three permanent orienteering courses at Lakeside Country Park, designed for different levels of skill and experience.

  • Course 1 - Trail. 20 - 25 minutes, 1km This course is suitable for wheelchairs and off-road buggies. It is all on gravel paths with the only decisions being which path to take next. 
  • Course 2 - Easy. 25 - 30 minutes, 1.7km Ideal if you are trying orienteering for the first time or have tried it at school. Controls are on or very close to paths. 
  • Course 3 - Improver. 35 - 40 minutes, 2.3km For those who have tried orienteering before and want to improve their skills. Controls are mostly just off the beaten track and shortcuts may be possible. Familiarity with orienteering maps and simple compass work can help. 

The Map

Updated in 2017. The scale is large so there is a lot of detail that you wouldn't see on a regular Ordnance Survey map.