Portsmouth Summer Series 2 - West Walk

'Twas a glorious day at West Walk for the 38 competitors who enjoyed Kieran's challenging courses. It was good to welcome back some of this year's Summer Series newcomers, many of whom are showing fantastic improvements to their orienteering skills.

See above for the results and splits. We hope to publish the current Summer Series League standings in the next few days.

Next Saturday we are at Fleming Park in Eastleigh and we hope to see you there!

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Firstly, thank you all for coming and orienteering in The Forest of Bere.  Especially all the ‘newbies’. It seems everyone had a fun morning in the forest. I tried to keep the easy and medium courses just that. We want to encourage you to learn about orienteering and maybe join our club-not put you off for life.

Those who tried the light green’ (hard) course had a couple of tricky controls, and obviously the map is slightly out of date. If you had  run at West Walk before at a SOFA event you probably knew what to expect-if not, well you know now! Some areas are completely impassable with brambles.

I must apologise for the mud in some areas-I only found out how bad it was when we collected the controls.

Hopefully this will not put off any beginners (honestly it’s not usually like this) and we will see you all again at our other Summer Series events.

Thank you to all the regulars who helped on the day and made everyone welcome.


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Thanks for a great event to add to this exceptional summer series this year organised and run by SOC. As an intruder from WSX who happens to live in Southampton I will be a regular every year.

Despite my cough cough years of orienteering I forgot to punch the start, I was so used to punching the start then pick up the map when I had the map and had to punch the start I forgot. So instead of about 4 minutes to No 1 it shows me taking 32 minutes.  I must have had a sandwich a cup of tea and trip to the loo my darling before I got there.  So beginner watch out for the changes. :)