Brockenhurst Urban Event 20 August 2011

Thank you to everyone who helped at the event - Colin for producing an excellent map along with Richard Jeans and John Warren for updating his College map. Peter Robson for helping check controls - Jack and Richard for their help on the day. Also many thanks to Brock College for being most helpful and allowing us almost free reign over their facilities. Also the people of Brockenhurst who were very accomodating and pleased we were using their village.

A great turn out of over nearly 70 competitors made the event thoroughly worth while - the mixture of Forest and urban seemed to go down well. We were only interrupted by one shower - although possibly the traffic situation in the Lyndhurst area put a few would be competitors off from coming.

Tim Jamie Roger and I had great fun organising the event. Seems to us that the venue was a good one - thank you all for coming to the event.

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