More MapRuns

MapRun logoFollowing on from the success of last month's MapRun training/social I'm pleased to say that we now have two more lined up for you. For those who weren't able to make the first one, the format is a 45-minute street score with a mass start. The controls are all "virtual" but those with a smartphone can use the MapRun app to receive a notification when they're reached the correct location.

How you choose to spend the time is up to you: you can race the clock to try to score maximum points, use it as an opportunity to practise map reading and planning on the run, explore a new area at walking pace, and/or pair up with a club-mate to spend the time more sociably. The choice is yours! You can even skip the orienteering entirely and just join us for some food/a drink afterwards!

Pete Davis is planning this month's MapRun around Romsey on Tuesday 26th November and, next month, Rob Finch will give us a tour of Shirley on Thursday 12th December. Both will start at 7 pm. Get those dates in your diary! As before registration in advance is required so that we can print the right number of maps. Register now for November and December!