JK 2019 - volunteers needed!

Thank you to everyone who has responded and is helping at day 4 of the JK.

The organiser of Day 4 has asked me to try and find some helpers to set up for day 4:

'The marquee ⛺️is scheduled to be erected at 4:00pm on Sunday. While this is happening the plan is to tape towards it from the start flag and final control, eventually building the changeover and finish adjacent. Also three TVOC Kyham tents ⛺⛺⛺️for Map Issue need to be erected. Let’s say a couple of hours for now.'

If any of you are in the vicinity of Minley on Sunday (April 21st), we would be grateful for your help;  please email me and I will pass on your name to the organiser. Thanks.

vicky.barkaway [at] gmail.com