Sunset and beyond relay 2019 - Final Details

Location: Pear Tree Church Hall,  80 Peartree Rd, Bitterne, Southampton SO19 7GZ
Signposted from the junction of Peartree Avenue and Sholing Road

Event Centre Facilities

Car Park
Main Hall - Registration and download, Changing and area for kit, bags etc. 
Team bib collection
Area for kit and belongings
Tea and coffee and orange squash making facilities limited snacks biscuits etc. available.

General Notes about the event

Mass start 5pm.
The event will have a punching start on the start of each leg.
For those running a dusk or night leg please wear a high viz top, and ensure you have adequate torch equipment.

All legs this year are gaffled, so check your control codes carefully! Control descriptions will be printed on the map, but no loose descriptions will be provided.

The Short course is comprised of 2 loops, with a map exchange at the spectator control close to the start/finish. You must punch the control at the map exchange. Do not punch the start/finish between the two loops. Runners are responsible for ensuring that they pick up the correct second map from the box labelled with their team number.  The Medium and Long courses do not feature a map exchange but will visit the same spectator control, so these runners should ignore the map boxes. The spectator control is visited at the halfway point of the Short course and less than 1km from the finish of the Medium and Long courses.

It's the individual team member's responsibility to be in the changeover area in good time for the handover.
Mini mass starts will be held if necessary on legs 2 to 6 in order to get the event finished in time for the prizegiving!

The map scale for all courses is 1:5000, with 5m contours.

Terrain notes

All courses run on Peartree Green. This is an area of mostly open heathland with a dense network of small paths and patches of thick vegetation. Many of the open areas are very runnable. There is one very minor road which passes through the area leading to half a dozen houses. It is crossed by the short course. Please take care crossing it, especially at night.

The Medium and Long courses pass through Woolston, a residential area with some complex housing estates. They also visit Mayfield Park and Jurd's Lake. These are mostly wooded areas with variable runability. There is a major stream which flows E-W through this wooded valley. This stream has a very soft and muddy bed and so it is not recommended to try and cross it. Courses are planned so that crossings of this major stream are not on optimum route choices. There is also a small amount of ongoing forestry work in this area which may be encountered by Long course runners.

The Medium and Long courses pass beneath the Itchen Bridge. Traffic is very busy on the bridge itself, so courses are not planned to cross this road (which is largely out-of-bounds). The map mostly shows the lower running level, and the bridge pillars.


Course/Course length / Shortest possible running distance / Climb

Short / 3.4km / 3.4km /70m

Medium /4.7-4.8km /6.5-6.7km /70-85m

Long /6.5-6.7km /8.6-8.7km /85-95m


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