Wessex Night League updated league tables prior to SOC event at Lyndhurst

Attached are the current league tables following the Brighton race. It would be nice to see more SOC members moving up the tables. A great opportunity this month with 2 events. Our Lyndhurst event next Monday 7th January 2019 and West Wood and Netley on Thursday 31st January 2019. Gavin Clegg's comments following Brighton below.  27 competitors in the Wessex Night League (as far as I can see) ventured to Brighton for the annual City Race, making it very worth while to include for the League. This annual mass start night race is a great spectacle and fun trying to avoid the Christmas shoppers! This year they trialled a form of gaffling the courses which the competitors seemed to enjoy. However this did cause one mix up on course 2 and a couple of legs had to be voided to get the final results. In the League, Nick Jarvis is showing his hand and is up 4 places to third having just completed his seventh race. He has a low score of 402 so good potential to move up further. Dan who is currently leading has a low score of 467, so not such scope. In their head to heads its five to two in favour of Nick. However Dan has three race wins to Nicks two. Not much movement further down the table. Becca is up two places and Jo up four places. The Handicap has seen a few changes. Tereza has now hit the top spot and it's difficult to see who can unseat her, but with 9 races still to go someone could still appear from nowhere. Kirsty is up 6 places and Becca up 2 places which is very impressive for a W21 as the handicap doesn't favour her. There is potential for some of the lower placed competitors to challenge, but only if they get to enough races. Of course SOC have adopted Nick Jarvis as one of us now he is working in Southampton (Colin H)

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