Summer Series - Staunton Country Park

Results and splits from the first Portsmouth Summer Series event at Staunton Country Park are now available. Many thanks to the Jes and family for organising and planning. Remember, you've only one week to wait until the next Summer Series event at Knightwood Leisure Centre.

Well done and thanks to Jes and Jenny on a great little event. Also thanks to their team of helpers. Now to my result - I was borrowing Jamie's EMIT card as mine has started to play up, and then for no apparent reason it failed to clear at the start, so my time of 105 mins included Jamie's previous event which took him 60:36 mins, so my time was apparently 44:58 mins. But as I had to place Jamie's card on the MTR reader at registration to get its number registered to me for the event, that was the time it then recorded to my first control - 3:06 mins - which included the jog to the start, and a chat with Robin and Julian! So my estimated time of 1:10 mins to the first control would give me an overall time of 43:02 mins - if anyone is in the least bit interested - as they would say on Facebook lol.