Sunset and Beyond Relay Results

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I am very pleased you all seemed to enjoy the format of the event. As a club we wanted to do something completely different to mark our 50th anniversary. Thanks to Kevin Bracher for heading up the organisation on the day, especially for sorting out the mini mass starts, which kept the event flowing, and to the computing team who coped more than admirably with all the things I threw at them for a new event format, and to Philip Cooper (WIM) for controlling and dealing with all my very late changes to both the courses and the maps. Also thanks to Pete Davis for setting up and handling the innovative online entry system. As regards the event itself copying the handicap system from the Harvester Relay also seemed to work well. We will review the points total for 6 runners and see if we think it's correct. Having a mixed relay with 2 females per team worked well, and the provisio that the first and last leg can be run by juniors is also good, as we really need to encourage more juniors into the sport and in a team situation that works well too, as families can really get involved. As regards the courses nobody said it was too difficult or too easy, so I guess I got that about right. Thanks for the nice comments and thanks to you all for coming and supporting the event, I think we will have to do it again next year! Lastly, but not least a big thank you to our sponsors Up and Running Southampton and Silva UK in their support and provision of superb prizes.

Thank you all for coming along and supporting our event.Thank you also to the team of helpers who did all the work behind the scene. Special thanks to Terry Smith and his squad on the Emit team. They coped with all the difficulties we threw at them, quite a few when putting on a new style of event for the first time. They even had the results up on the SOC website before the prize giving was over. That really was great.

I think Colin has summed it up very succinctly so I won't say much more.

The format seemed to work very well and I think it made for a very exciting event with three teams vying for the lead right up until the end. We will review the event and improve it where needed for next year.

I would also like to thank Kevin from Up and Running and Tim from Silva for their support and generosity.

I hope you all enjoyed our event and hope to see you all again next year!

Kevin Bracher (SOC Chairman)