Results for Summer Series Event 9 - Hursley Park - 21/07/12

So, a very fitting end to a successful Summer Series. The sun shone, the setting was very scenic, the map interesting, the courses challenging and the turnout the best of the series.

Thanks to the Curries for planning and organising the finale and to IBM for allowing us the use of the area.

Congratulations to the Series winners - full details in the next copy of SOCK, the club magazine.

And of course a big vote of thanks to Simon Bevan and Kevin Bracher for all their hard work in co-ordinating the Series and giving up so much time helping the organisers and planners.

Any queries about the results please pass to

Planner/Organiser's Comments - David Currie

I hope everyone enjoyed their visit to Hursley Park. It was certainly good to see so many of you and, in particular, so many novice competitors. Apologies to those on the light green where some of the route choices were partially obscured on the map by purple of one sort or another. In hindsight, given the lack of traffic on the site at weekends, I think there could have been less out of bounds which would have also opened up some more interesting legs. It did, however, highlight that, having been issued with your maps at registration, many of you had made the most of the time to examine all of the options. Next time, I'll keep the maps at the start and force you to make those decisions on the run!

Lastly, thanks once again to my employers for agreeing to let us use the site and the clubhouse for accommodating us.

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