SOC BBQ Event Hursley Park Results

Those attending Southampton Orienteering Club’s annual BBQ event at IBM Hursley Park, were treated to a team and individual score events planned by Julian Hartwell. Hursley Park is owned by IBM and consists of an office campus set in the grounds of a country estate, complete with the old early 18 century house. The courses were planned to include office buildings, parkland and a sunken garden.  

Club Captain, Christine Currie, arranged teams of three for the team score event, where competitors were awarded 10 points per control visited, with all 30 controls needed to be visited by a member of the team. Five of the controls could be visited by two members of the team. So the less experienced competitors were catered for, 7 of the controls were planned at yellow standard. The winning team was decided by the time taken by the last person to finish from each team.

The team score was won by Pete Davis, Emma and David Currie, while the individual score was won by Jay Dillon. The results are attached.

After the event, club members gathered round the BBQ for some well earnt food and many took the opportunity to try their hand at the maze O.

Thanks to IBM for allowing SOC to use the Estate and to everyone who helped pack up, just before the heavens opened!

Ian & Caroline Moran

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Thanks for a great event.

Well done on the Harris team event it worked very well and was really good. Well done.
Thanks also Ian and Christine for the hard work you put into the day. It is an excellent venue for the club BBQ - which was really nice too!