SOC Wessex Night League, Lyndhurst 4th Mar 2017

Many thanks to all who came to this event; a bumper turnout thanks to St Andrew's School. We hope you all enjoyed yourselves.

Thanks to Colin Hicks for Planning and Organising and to Kevin Bracher, Bill Davidson, Jane Morgan and Roger Pleasant who helped put out and collect controls.

Many thanks to all who came to the event. Nearly overwhelmed! Finished with 2 spare maps! Thanks to the school for coming, its great to see their participation. Apologies that we didn't quite have enough maps to cater for all the children in each group, I hope it didn't take away from your enjoyment. Thanks to Terry and Di Smith for running registration and download, and dealing with my quirky twist to the event with the bonus controls. I am sorry that one bonus control became mobile! when the lady of the house decided to cut it off their fence. She was blissfully unaware that her husband had given me permission earlier in the afternoon. He then went out and because she was also out elsewhere they failed to communicate on the matter and on her return saw the control on their fence and proceeded to cut it down and take it into their house! Rather ironic as it was the only control on private property for which I had to seek permission! Apologies on the other bonus control 171 which failed to switch on correctly, I believe that Terry has now credited all who visited that control with the 10 points. My last apology is for bonus control 172 which was not easy to spot as its white box was on a white portion of the map, so did not show up well! I should have put a purple box around it - will learn for next time. Other than that all above the format seemed to work. Its another way to use a not quite big enough area for an hour's score event. I am pleased to see the league continuing to grow and am pleased with our involvement in it.

I've credited Tim Houlder and Rob Hicks with control 171.