SOC Wessex Night League Stoke Park Woods and Fair Oak 2nd Feb 2017

Thanks to Colin Hicks for Mapping, Organising and Planning the event and to his band of helpers who put out and collected controls.

Thanks to Allan Farrington for providing the Emit Touch-free equipment and managing registration and download.

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Many thanks to all those that came to the event, the weather held out for us and we had a good turnout of competitors. It was pleasing to see the half dozen accompanied juniors taking part and experiencing both the urban and woodland in the dark. The pleasing aspect from the planning point of view was in using the pub in the very NE corner of the map being able to offer a straight choice of westwards into the woodland or south into the urban area from the start. It was about 65%-35% in favour of urban first. With plenty of cut off options between woodland and urban and a 50 point control in both areas gave interesting decisions to those unlikely to mop up all the controls. Well done to Rob Finch to only competitor to get them all and in 53 mins. covering 10km,. I was hoping for about 57 or 58 as a winning time so you beat the planner again Rob! Thanks to all those who made the event happen Bill Davidson, Roger Pleasant and Kevin Bracher for control hanging and collectiing, and to the computing, registration and download team of Allan Farrington, Di and Terry Smith. Thanks Allan for the use of the EMIT touchfree kit. Our next WNL is Saturday 4th March 2017 at Lyndhurst.