Results for Ocknell Level D

Here are the results for the event at Ocknell.

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I hope you all enjoyed today's courses. As a novice planner I was grateful for the constructive comments I received - both positive and negative. I was very keen that all controls would be visible as you arrived at the site. I didn't get that quite right. Some of them were in view from the previous control, so a bit too visible. And Control 201 was too difficult to find particularly with the fine map detail around the control that many of you struggled with.

The map has held up pretty well considering that it's had no revisions since 2012. In the main that meant some minor vegetation changes that competitors needed to cope with. And in the very south-west corner of the map the Blue and Brown courses ran close to some felled areas that were still mapped as white.

Congratulations to the course winners and also to Sam White and Paul Taylor as joint winners of the 100m Dash.

Finally I'd like to thank the control hangers and collectors - particularly Terry Smith and Kevin Bracher who did both!

Pete Davis

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What a lovely autumn event. The rain which hit Dorset spared the Forest, which was looking fantastic, with the odd impressive stag in view. Many thanks to the amazing team of helpers: Alastair, Christine, David, Julia, Julian, Kevin, Mary, Norman, Robin, Sam and Terry. I enjoyed a string course that was great fun for adults, and I know that competitors enjoyed Pete's challenging courses including an uphill 100m sprint that Usain Bolt would have quailed at. Watch out for Olympics-inspired challenges at future events including the hurdles and of course the long jump! Marcus