Salisbury Trench Level D

Thank you for comming to our event.

It was good to have some sun shine after the rain over the last few days.

Thank you Ben for pointing out that two Ornage course controls were the wrong way round.  We were luck that only one course was affected.  It looks like it didn't slow you down too much and I hope it didn't put anyone else off their stride.

The results are attached below.

The event is on Route Gadget here:

Please show us your route, so that we can learn better rote choice.


Planneres Comments

Bracken can be a problem at this time of year, so I was very pleasantly suprised at how much of the area had good run ability.

Salisbury Trench has an interesting shape, so I thought that it would be a good venue for a Brown Map exercise.

Thank you Terry for helping with the map for that.  It was good to see some up-take of that option.

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