Results for Ocknell & Slufters

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Planner’s Comments

It was great to see such a large turnout at the event on what was a rather grey day. We had a lot of fun putting the courses together and some great days out on the area, seeing only a handful of other people. On the longer courses, we wanted to give competitors a wide range of leg lengths to challenge them as much as we could on what is not a particularly complex area. The aim with the shorter courses was that the competitors would enjoy them and finish successfully. This wasn’t helped by a few fallen trees on the white course, but the tape and smiley faces seemed to have worked at keeping them on track.

Many thanks to Bernie, who was an excellent controller, Jes who did a great job of organising, Dave for his great ability as a sounding board and a control hanger, and all the people who helped collect controls in. A special thank you to my parents who did a sterling job minding our children, and our children who between them tagged 7 controls, collected 3 in and sorted out the control descriptions.

Christine Currie