Acres Down Results

The forest looked glorious with the early autumn sunlight streaming through the trees, accentuating the changing colours. Olwen Rowlands put on fantastic courses for the 64 competitors who turned up today, making the most of the Acres Down area. Everyone enjoyed the challenges she had set. Some of us took a while to "get into the map" and two that I heard about who took a while to "get on the map" running off the course and finding themselves underneath the overprinted control descriptions on the Blue!

The event is also on Route Gadget here: Please add your route, so that we can learn from each other.


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I am pleased to accept my predicted third place for next year :). This will match this years result. Error in the posted year which once edited will make me look like I have gone mad.

I loved the planners course a (green for me) beautiful part of the NF which seemed to be so well shown off it appeared to be deliberately planned into the course. it was hard to keep motivated and not to linger and enjoy the whole area at a slower pace. The change from covered woods to open spaces and back again was really great.

A newbie planner it would seem from the above who I would encourage to do more if correct because on a really bad day at least I can be assured of a lovely area to enjoy.

Great run out in a really lovely area of the forest, thank you to everyone for putting this event on.